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Athletic Clearance Information
Athletic Clearance Information


If your child is interested in participating in our Athletic Programs at GSS, you must read and complete the following paperwork to ensure the health and safety of all student-athletes.


Sports Physicals

Here is a Checklist for completing the Sports Physical process.  

The  Sports Physical Paperwork  form - Sports phyicals are good for one year.  If your child's physical has expired before the first day of practice, your child must update his/her physical.  If your child's physical expires during the season, your child may complete the season, but he/she must update his/her physical before the next sports season  that your child plays.


Information to Read

  1. Sudden Cardiac Death Pamphlet
  2. Concussion Policy Pamphlet
  3. Eye Safety Pamphlet
  4. Opioid Educational Fact Sheet

After reading all pamphlet information, the parent/guradian and student must submit the  Sign Off Sheet .


Form Needed Each Season the Athlete is planning to participate (Fall, Winter, Spring)

  Health History Update  - (ie. if your child plays 3 sports a year, you need 3 Health History updates per year)


Submission and Approval

          Please submit all documents to the Main Office.  The Nurse will review all forms and documents and then make a judgment on the ability to participate in tryouts/practice.  Please submit all information as far in advance as possible to not delay the process.  Our Nurse is only at school on Tuesdays, so there is no guarantee that clearance will happen immediately.  

          Once received, our Nurse reviews all necessary information and will approve or deny participation.  Only approved students will be allowed to play/practice/tryout.  If the student is not approved, the parent will be informed as to why.

          All coaches will receive a copy and notifications of approved students.  Under no circumstances shall a player participate in a practice or game unless the player is approved through the Office.


Summary of Information

         Physical Paperwork  - once a year

             Cardiac, Concussion, Eye, Opioid Pamphlets  - once a year

             Health History - once per season