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Kindergarten News

Week of February 18th-February 22nd



Religion-Students will learning how Jesus teaches us to love others.

ELA Kindergarten will be finishing up Unit 5

   Phonemic Awareness  - Isolation and blending with

letters/sounds o /o/ and /f/.

Reading- Classify and Categorize, Characters and plot in a story

Handwriting-  Sight word practice/Rainbow writing

  HFWs -was went will man yes how if jump look us this little play

      Sight Words/ High Frequency Words

        the I a my it we can is me 

        you at am like see go and

        in up he an no so on to have

       -am word family  -ap word family  -at word family

      -it word family -an word family -ot word family -op word family

Math- Adding two groups together up to 10

Science-Health/ Germs-students will learn about how germs spread and lwaern ways to avoid spreading germs.

Social Studies- American History- Celebrating Presidents' Day, 

learning about George Washington