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Kindergarten News

Week of April 15th-17th

Reminders- Signed Report Cards are due back on

                 Monday, April 15th.

                Wednesday -No lunch schedule.

               Please pack a bigger snack and a drink.

               - Stations of the Cross at 12:15.

              Class Trip forms and money are due on 

              Friday, May 3rd.

Religion-Students will be learning about the Easter Story and

             be able to retell the story.   

They will watch the movie The Passion

ELA- Unit 8 -Theme Plants

        Phonics sounds - beginning and final /k/ sound,  and final /k/ ck , 

         beginning sound u /u/

           blending sounds to make words with u /u/, k /k/

Identify Sequence of Events

Recognize Text structure

 HFWs-  little said this do are and what

          how jump if look us

Math- Unit is Three-Dimensional Shapes

           Sphere, cubes, cylinders, cones

          Science-  Living Things-

           Butterflies- being able to identify parts of a  butterfly                           

Music/Movement- Practice songs for the Spring show

and for Muffins with Moms